Privacy Policy

Who we are

The Castle Rock Quilt Club is  a local organization of about 50 members located in Castle Rock, Colorado. The club exists to unite quilters of all ages and abilities for the purpose of friendship, inspiration, motivation and education. Our website address is: It has been created to inform our members about our activities and so that the members of our community can learn more about us. The CRQC is a not-for-profit organization.

Information we collect

Our website is hosted at collects anonymous data about the pages you visit on our website and provides statistical reports to us. We review those reports so that we know what information on our website is being accessed. The Castle Rock Quilt Club does not share the reports with any third party. 

Information we do NOT collect

The Castle Rock Quilt Club website does not collect or maintain any personal data about you. Our website does not use cookies for tracking purposes. There are many features of WordPress that are not used on our website. Consequently, no information related to those services is collected. You do not have the ability to do to:

  • create a logon
  • comment on a post or a page
  • upload images or any other data
  • buy items on our website 
  • make cash donations to our organization

Email addresses are provided on our website, so you can directly contact members of our club to get information.  There is no contact form on our website, so we do not collect any information when you email us.

There is a calendar of CRQC events and quilting related community events on our website. You have the ability to request that any of these events be added to your personal calendar.  Our website does not ask for your name or any other identifying information if you do so. Information about you may be collected by the calendar app that you choose to use.

There is no advertising on our website. Events related to quilting sponsored by other organizations may be included in our calendar, but the CRQC does not receive any compensation for the events. A link may be provided for your convenience so you can learn more about the event from the sponsoring organization.  

CRQC photos are stored in Google Photos and are embedded on some pages of our website.  The photo gallery contains a link to view thumbnails of the photos on If you click on the link and leave our website, may collect information about you. 

Our website contains links to other sites with information about quilting.  There are also links to our photos stored on The Castle Rock Quilt Club does not receive any information about what pages you access related to that link once you leave our website. When you click on a link, it is your responsibility to familiar yourself with the privacy policy of that site.



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